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Salvia sclarea
Salvia sclarea

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Zones 2-24, 26, 28-41
Full Sun
Regular WaterMinimal Water
Moderate, Minimal

Salvia sclarea

Clary Sage
Lamiaceae (Labiatae)


All sages have square stems and whorls of two-lipped flowers, either distinctly spaced along flower stalks or so tightly crowded that they look like one dense spike; some species have branched inflorescences. Flower colors range from white and yellow through salmon and pink to scarlet and pure red, from pale lavender to true blue and darkest purple. A few sages have fragrant blossoms. Many have aromatic foliage. Sages attract hummingbirds, bees, butterflies.

Salvia sclarea

Foliage clump to 2–3 ft. wide. Oval to lance-shaped, 1– 1/2 -ft.-long, toothed, dull grayish green leaves are wrinkled, unpleasant smelling when bruised. In late spring or early summer, produces muchbranched 3–4-ft. flower stalks with 6–12-in. stems bearing whorls of two to six 1 1/4-in. flowers. Blossoms are typically lilac or lavender blue, with arched upper lip and creamcolored lower lip; large, aromatic, purplish or lilac-pink bracts remain showy for weeks after the flowers drop.

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