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Scadoxus multiflorus katherinae
Scadoxus multiflorus katherinae

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Zones 21-24
Partial Sun
Regular Water

Scadoxus multiflorus katherinae

Blood Lily
Bulbs and bulblike plants, Perennials

This tender South African plant is closely related to amaryllis. Large (4 in. diameter) white bulb is stained red (hence the common name). Lance-shaped to ovate, bright green, wavy-edged leaves are 12–15 in. long. In late spring or summer, ball-shaped clusters (to 9 in. wide) of narrow-petaled, salmon-colored flowers are borne atop thick flower stems 1–2 ft. tall. Many threadlike, bright red stamens protrude from each bloom, giving clusters the look of spherical bottlebrushes.

In late winter or early spring, plant in rich, well-drained soil, keeping bulb tip even with soil surface. Can be grown in the ground in frost-free regions (set bulbs 2 ft. apart) and the clumps left undisturbed indefinitely, but it is usually grown in containers, even in those regions. Choose a pot big enough to leave 2 in. between all sides of bulb and container edges. Place planted pot in a fairly warm spot (no cooler than 55°F/13°C at night, around 70°F/21°C during the day). Water sparingly until leaves appear (in about 8 weeks); then can be brought outdoors. Water regularly and feed monthly with liquid fertilizer. After bloom, stop feeding and gradually cut back on water; let plant dry out in a cool, protected place. Do not repot next season; either add new mix on top of original soil or tip out rootball, scrape off some soil, and replace with fresh soil.

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