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Sedum hybrid 'Vera Jameson'

Cacti and succulents, Ground covers, Perennials


Native to many parts of the world. Some are quite hardy to cold, others fairly tender; some are tiny and trailing, others much larger and upright. Fleshy leaves are evergreen (unless otherwise noted) but highly variable in size, shape, and color. Typically small, star-shaped flowers, sometimes brightly colored, are usually borne in fairly large clusters.

Sedum hybrid 'Vera Jameson'

Cross between S. telephium maximum ‘Atropurpureum’ and S. ‘Ruby Glow’ (a low-growing hybrid with purple-gray leaves and ruby red flowers). To 8–12 in. high and about 1-1/2 ft. wide, with spreading purple stems clothed in pinkish purple leaves. Rose pink flowers in late summer, fall. Dies to ground in winter.

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