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Sedum morganianum
Sedum morganianum

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Zones 17, 22-27, H1, H2
Partial Sun
Regular WaterMinimal Water
Moderate, Minimal

Sedum morganianum

Donkey Tail, Burro Tail
Cacti and succulents, Perennials


Mostly groundcover-scale succulents that grow nicely in the spaces between rocks (thus “stonecrop”), sedums are native to many parts of the world. Some are quite hardy to cold, others fairly tender; some are tiny and trailing, others much larger and upright. Fleshy leaves are evergreen unless otherwise noted, but highly variable in size, shape, and color. Typically small, star-shaped flowers, sometimes brightly colored, are borne in fairly large clusters.

Smaller sedums are useful in rock gardens, as ground- or bank covers, and in small areas where an unusual texture is needed. Some are prized by collectors of succulents, who grow them in pots, dish gardens, or miniature gardens. Larger types are good in borders or pots. Most sedums are easy to propagate by stem cuttings; even detached leaves will root and form new plants. Soft and easily crushed, they will not take foot traffic, but they are otherwise tough, low-maintenance plants. 

Sedum morganianum

Produces long, trailing stems that reach 3–4 ft. in 6 to 8 years. Thick, 3/4-in.-long, light gray-green leaves overlap each other along stems to form braided-looking “tails” less than 1 in. thick. Pink to deep red flowers may appear from spring to summer but are only rarely seen. Because of its long stems, this species is best grown in a hanging basket or wall pot; in mildest climates, try it spilling from the top of a wall or in a rock garden. Provide rich, fast-draining soil. Protect from wind and give partial shade.

Similar relatives include S. burrito (S. ‘Burro’), with fatter (1 in. thick) tails composed of densely packed, 1/2-in. leaves; and giant donkey tail (sometimes sold as S. orpetii), with somewhat shorter, thicker tails.

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