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Checkerbloom, Miniature Hollyhock

From North America. All are grown for clusters of five-petaled flowers like little hollyhocks (Alcea). The plants described here range from erect to sprawling; leaves are typically dark green, roundish to kidney-shaped, about 3 in. across. Basal leaves are shallowly lobed, stem leaves more deeply cut.

Sidalcea 'Elsie Heugh', photo courtesy of Andrea Jones/Garden Exposures Photo Library
Sidalcea 'Elsie Heugh', photo courtesy of Andrea Jones/Garden Exposures Photo Library

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Sidalcea hybrids

Most gardensidalceas are hybrids betweenS. candida and S. malviflora.They form clumps to about 2 ft.wide and bear 1 1/2–2-in. flowers;bloom all summer if deadheaded.Choices include 2–3-ft.‘Brilliant’, with carmine-red flowers;3-ft. ‘Elsie Heugh’, withfringed pale pink flowers; 2–3-ft.‘Party Girl’ (deep pink); and2–3-ft. ‘Rosanna’, with rose-coloredflowers.

Sidalcea malviflora
Sidalcea malviflora

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Sidalcea malviflora

Native to Oregon, California, Baja California. May grow erect to 2 ft. high and wide; or may sprawl and spread more widely by rooting at the nodes. Pink or purplish pink, 2-in. flowers in early spring.

Sidalcea neomexicana

Native fromeastern Oregon to Wyoming,south to Mexico. To 3 ft. high,1–1 1/2 ft. wide; branched orunbranched spikes of white orpinkish, 3/4-in., summer flowers.

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