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Simmondsia chinensis
Simmondsia chinensis

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Zones 7-24
Full Sun
Minimal Water

Simmondsia chinensis

Jojoba, Goatnut
Evergreen, Shrubs

Native to the Sonoran Desert of the United States and Mexico. Dense plant with rigid branches; typically to 3 to 6 ft. high and wide, occasionally larger. Dull gray-green leaves are leathery, narrowly egg shaped, 1 to 2 in. long. Inconspicuous flowers. If a male plant is present, females bear edible, nutlike fruit 3/4 in. long; flavor is like that of filbert but slightly bitter until fruit is dried or roasted. Fruit’s high oil content gives plant commercial value as crop for marginal land, though such plantings are chancy in soil infested with verticillium wilt or Texas root rot. Useful as informal or clipped hedge, foundation planting in desert garden. Young plants are rather tender; established ones will take 15°F/–9°C.

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