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Styphnolobium japonicum
Styphnolobium japonicum

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Zones 2-24, 31-41
Full SunPartial Sun
Full, Partial
Regular Water

Styphnolobium japonicum

Japanese Pagoda Tree, Chinese Scholar Tree
Fabaceae (Leguminosae)
Deciduous, Trees

Beautiful flowering tree native to China and Korea. Grows at a moderate rate to 50–70 ft. tall and about as wide. Young wood is smooth, dark gray-green; old branches and trunk gradually take on a rugged look, with rough, deeply furrowed bark. Dark green leaves are divided into leaflets. Undistinguished yellow fall color. Long (to 1 ft.), open clusters of 1/2-in., yellowish white flowers in summer; 2–3 1/2-in. pods. ‘Regent’ is an exceptionally vigorous and uniform grower. ‘Pendula’, to about 10 ft. tall and wide, has long, dangling, sometimes twisted branches; it rarely blooms.

This species is one of the best trees for shading a lawn or patio, though stains from flowers and pods may be a problem on paved surfaces. Good for the Rocky Mountain area, though it is subject to damage from ice storms there. Blooms best in long, hot summers; flowers are unreliable where summers are cold and damp. Resistant to oak root fungus. 

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