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Zones 22-25, 27, H2
Full Sun
Regular Water
All parts are poisonous if ingested

Thevetia thevetioides

Giant Thevetia
Evergreen, Shrubs


Fast-growing plants with narrow, glossy deep green leaves and clusters of showy, funnel-shaped flowers at branch ends. Thrive in heat; can take very little frost.

Thevetia thevetioides

Native to Mexico. Open growth to 12 ft. or more tall and wide. Leaves are darker green than those of Thevetia peruviana; they resemble oleander (Nerium) leaves but are corrugated, heavily veined beneath. Large clusters of brilliant yellow, 4-in. flowers bloom from late spring through fall. Desert heat wilts flowers in summer. Makes an attractive patio tree, but fruit (2 1/2 in. wide, green ripening to black) can be a litter problem.

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