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Thuja plicata
Thuja plicata

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Zones A3, 1-9, 14-24, 32-37, 39
Full SunPartial Sun
Full, Partial
Ample WaterRegular Water
Ample, Moderate

Thuja plicata

Western Red Cedar
Evergreen, Shrubs, Trees


Neat, symmetrical plants often trimmed into geometrical forms—globes, cones, cylinders. Juvenile foliage is feathery,with small, needlelike leaves; mature foliage is scalelike, carried in flat sprays. Foliage in better-known varieties is often yellow green or bright golden yellow. Small (1–3/4-in.-long) cones are green or bluish green, turning to brownish.

Thuja plicata

Plants grown from inland seed are hardy anywhere in the West; those from coastal seed are less hardy to cold. Can reach over 200 ft. high in coastal belt of Washington, but more typical garden size is 50– 100 ft. tall, 25–60 ft.wide. Slender, drooping branchlets are closely set with dark green leaf sprays. Single trees are magnificent in large lawns. Many compact varieties available, some with gold to yellow foliage.

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