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Dahlberg Daisy
Asteraceae (Compositae)

These low-growing plants with little yellow daisies start easily and quickly from seed planted in flats or sown in place. Not particular about soil type but must have good drainage.

Thymophylla tenuiloba
Thymophylla tenuiloba

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Thymophylla tenuiloba

Short-lived perennial usually grown as annual. Heat-loving plant native from Texas to Florida and Mexico. Mounding growth to 1 ft. high, 1/2 ft. wide. Divided, thread-like leaves make a dark green background for flowers that look like miniature golden marguerites (Anthemis). Blooms from early summer to fall. Use for mass display or pockets of color. When plants become ragged with age, pull them out. In warm-winter areas, can be planted in fall for winter-to-spring bloom.

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