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Zones 15-25, 27
Full Sun
Regular Water

Tristaniopsis laurina

Water Gum
Evergreen, Shrubs, Trees

Slow-growing, rather formal-looking eastern Australian plant with a conical, dense crown. Grows to 10 ft. tall and 5 ft. wide at 8 years old; may eventually reach 45 ft. or taller and 30 ft. wide. Mahogany-colored bark peels off, revealing satiny white new bark beneath. Glossy green, narrow leaves. Clusters of small, faintly fragrant yellow flowers appear in late spring or early summer, borne profusely enough to put on a good show. Seedpods are like those of eucalyptus but much smaller (to 1/4 in. wide); they don’t create a litter problem. Excellent tall screen, boundary, and background planting. Good in large containers.

‘Elegant’ has broad leaves that are red when they emerge, turn green only when shaded by later growth.

Water gum is densely shrubby when young and can be kept that way with a little pinching. Can be trained as a single- or multistemmed tree; once established, trees need only light shaping. 

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