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Ground covers, Perennials

Closely related to Epimedium and likewise used as groundcovers in shady spots. Wiry leafstalks grow directly from creeping underground stems; leaves have numerous broad leaflets that resemble small ivy (Hedera) leaves. Thread-like flower stalks rise above foliage in late spring or early summer, bearing drooping clusters of small blossoms. Petals and sepals are sharply reflexed, giving flowers a windswept look. Plants spread slowly from an ever-enlarging mat of roots, forming sizable patches in time. Set plants about 1 1/2 ft. apart. Need cool, moist, acid conditions.

Vancouveria chrysantha

Native to the mountains of southwestern Oregon and extreme northwestern California. Grows to 16 in. tall, with bronzy gray-green, evergreen leaflets and yellow, 1/2-in. flowers.

Vancouveria hexandra

Native to coastal forests from Northern California to Washington. Grows to 1 ft. tall, with light green, 2 1/2-in. leaflets and white, 1/2-in. flowers. Dies back in winter.

Vancouveria planipetala
Vancouveria planipetala

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Vancouveria planipetala

Native to coastal California and southwest Oregon. Grows to 2 ft. tall with light to medium green, shallowly lobed leaflets. Tiny (about 1/8 in. wide) white flowers are carried in clusters of 25 to 50. May die back in winter in colder parts of the range.

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