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Arecaceae (Palmae)
Palms and cycads

These fast-growing fan palms are too tall for most suburban gardens; they are best suited to large properties, avenues, parkways. Species often hybridize if growing near each other.

Washingtonia filifera
Washingtonia filifera

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Washingtonia filifera

To 60 ft. tall, 20 ft. wide, with thicker trunk than W. robusta. Long-stalked, 3–6-ft., light green leaves stand well apart in open crown. As leaves mature, they bend down to form a “skirt” of thatch. In native stands in desert, this species always grows near springs or other moist spots.

Washingtonia robusta

To 100 ft. tall, 10 ft. wide; trunk is slightly curved or bent, slimmer than that of W. filifera. Head of bright green foliage is more compact; leafstalks are shorter, with a red streak on the undersides.

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