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Yucca rostrata

Evergreen, Perennials, Trees


Yuccas grow over much of North America. All have tough, sword-shaped leaves and large clusters of typically white or whitish, rounded to bell-shaped flowers. Some are stemless clumps; others have trunks and reach tree size. Group yuccas with cacti or with agaves or other succulents; or grow them with softer-leafed tropical foliage plants. Taller kinds have striking silhouettes, and even stemless species provide important vertical accents when in bloom. Keep those with stiff, sharp-pointed leaves away from walks, terraces, and other well-traveled areas. (Some people clip off the sharp tips with nail clippers.)

Best in well-drained soil. Most need only occasional deep soakings.

Yucca rostrata

Native from extreme southwestern Texas into the Chihuahuan Desert of Mexico. Treelike yucca to 12 ft. by 9 ft. or larger. Notable feature is the trunk, which is covered with soft gray fuzz (fibers remaining from old leaf bases). Needle-pointed leaves to 2 ft. long and 1/2 in. wide. Blooms in late spring, bearing 2-ft. clusters of white, 2 1/2-in. flowers on a 2-ft. stalk.

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