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Narcissus, Tazetta daffodils and Tazetta hybrids

Bulbs and bulblike plants


Beyond their fascinating variety in flower form and color, these natives of Europe and North Africa offer numerous appealing traits. They are permanent, increasing from year to year; they stand up to cold (most are hardy to –30°F/–34°C) and heat; and they are useful in many garden situations. Given minimum care at planting, they thrive with virtually no further attention. These plants do not require summer watering (but will take it), need only infrequent division (and will even survive without it), and are totally unappetizing to gophers and deer. They bloom in late winter or spring. All plants known by the names “daffodil,” “narcissus,” and “jonquil” are properly Narcissus.

Flowers may be borne singly or in clusters. Colors are basically yellow and white, but there are many variations: shades of orange, red, apricot, pink, cream. Some are fragrant. Leaves may be straight and flat (strap shaped) or narrow and rushlike.

Use them among trees and flowering shrubs, in groundcover plantings, near water, in rock gardens, or in borders. Naturalize them in sweeping drifts where space is available.

Narcissus, Tazetta daffodils and Tazetta hybrids

Early-blooming, cluster-flowering types popularly known by the name “narcissus.” Each stem bears four to eight or more very fragrant flowers with a short cup. Many have white perianth segments and a yellow cup, but there are other color combinations. N. tazetta ‘Orientalis’, Chinese sacred lily, has light yellow segments and a darker yellow cup. ‘Paper White’ is pure white; ‘Geranium’ has white segments and an orange cup; ‘Grand Soleil d’Or’ has yellow segments and an orange cup. Newer varieties include ‘Falconet’ and ‘Scarlet Gem’ (yellow segments, orange cup). Tazettas are often grown indoors in bowls of pebbles and water (keep cool until growth is well along, then gradually bring into bright light).

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