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Rosa, Miniature

Miniature Rose
Deciduous, Shrubs


The rose is the queen of flowers, the most loved and widely planted shrub in all temperate parts of the world. More than 14,000 varieties are grown. Although mostly deciduous, roses can be evergreen in mild climates. Their stems, sometimes quite prickly, may be erect, arching, trailing, or scrambling. Leaves are divided into three, five, or seven leaflets, usually with toothed margins.

Rosa, Miniature

These are perfect replicas of hybrid teas and floribundas, but plant size is 1–1 1/2 ft. tall, with flowers and foliage in proportion. Grow outdoors in containers, window boxes, rock gardens, and flower gardens; a few also make sweet climbers. Or grow them indoors: pot in rich soil in containers at least 6 in. wide and place in a cool, bright window. Miniatures are shallow rooted and need regular water and fertilizer.

‘Minnie Pearl’. Pink flowers. Grows to 1–2 ft. tall and wide.

‘Red Sunblaze’. Red flowers. Grows to 2–3 ft. tall and wide.

‘Salmon Sunblaze’. Salmon pink flowers. Grows to 2–3 ft. tall and wide.

‘Yellow Sunblaze’. Yellow flowers. Grows to 2–3 ft. tall and wide.

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