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Rosa (Polyantha)

Polyantha rose
Deciduous, Shrubs


The rose is the queen of flowers, the most loved and widely planted shrub in all temperate parts of the world. More than 14,000 varieties are grown. Although mostly deciduous, roses can be evergreen in mild climates. Their stems, sometimes quite prickly, may be erect, arching, trailing, or scrambling. Leaves are divided into three, five, or seven leaflets, usually with toothed margins.

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Rosa (Polyantha)

Polyanthas produce small blossoms in large sprays; they are compact bushes, generally not much more than 2 ft. tall. The first polyanthas appeared in the late 19th century. Two of the early polyanthas are now classics: ‘Cécile Brünner’ (often called Sweetheart Rose) has light pink flowers of perfect hybrid tea form; and ‘Perle d’Or’ (sometimes called ‘Yellow Cécile Brünner’) is similar but has pinkish apricot flowers.

'Cécile Brunner'

Polyantha rose producing large sprays of pink flowers. Grows 2-3 ft. high and wide.

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