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Alocasia (photo courtesy of Rob D. Brodman)
Alocasia (photo courtesy of Rob D. Brodman)

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Zones 22-24, H1, H2
Partial Sun
Ample WaterRegular Water
Ample, Moderate
Sap is poisonous if ingested


Elephant’s Ear

These big-leafed plants from the streamsides and marshes of tropical Asia are excellent for bringing a lush look to gardens. The flowers are like those of calla (Zantedeschia): a spikelike structure (spadix) surrounded by a fleshy, hoodlike bract (spathe). Flowers followed by reddish fruit that looks something like corn on the cob. Tropical plant specialists sell many kinds with leaves in coppery and purplish tones, often with striking white veins. Provide rich soil, frequent light feedings, and protection from wind.

Alocasia x amazonica

Leathery, deep bronzy green leaves to 16 in. long have wavy edges and heavy white main veins. Plants may grow as tall as 4 ft. and about half as wide. This species is the one most commonly available as a houseplant.

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