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Amsonia hubrichtii, photo courtesy of Joshua McCullough/PhytoPhoto
Amsonia hubrichtii, photo courtesy of Joshua McCullough/PhytoPhoto

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Zones 2-24
Full SunPartial Sun
Full, Partial
Regular Water

Amsonia hubrichtii

Hubricht's Bluestar, Arkansas Bluestar
Perennials, Flowers


From the southeastern U.S.Most of these elegant but toughplants, which resemble smallshrubs, grow 2–3 ft. high andwide. Narrow leaves and erectstems are topped by clusters ofsmall, star-shaped blue flowersin late spring. The plants lookgood all summer; their brightyellow fall foliage is a bonus.Bluestars thrive in ordinary garden soil and tolerate heat and some occasional lapses inwatering. They look especiallylovely when massed.

Amsonia hubrichtii

This award-winning plant is considered by many to be the finest of the bluestars. Its lightgreen leaves are soft and very narrow, almost needlelike, and its fall color is an exceptionallybright, clear gold. Flowers are sky blue.

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