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Perennials, Flowers

Some species are weedy, but those listed here (from southern Europe and Turkey) are fine garden plants with long-lasting daisylike or buttonlike flowers. Their finely cut leaves are aromatic,especially when bruised.Provide good drainage.

Anthemis tinctoria, photo courtesy of Mark Turner
Anthemis tinctoria, photo courtesy of Mark Turner

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Anthemis tinctoria

Erect, shrubby plant to 2–3 ft. tall and wide, with angular stems, light green leaves, and gold-yellow, 2-in. daisies in summer and early fall. Excellent cut flower. Cut back lightly after first flush of bloom to keep flowers coming. Plants are short-lived; root new ones from stem cuttings in spring or divide clumps in spring or fall. Varieties include ‘Beauty of Grallagh’, golden orange flowers; ‘E. C. Buxton’, white with yellow centers; ‘Kelwayi’, golden yellow; and ‘Moonlight’, pale yellow.

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