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Azara microphylla

Boxleaf Azara
Evergreen, Shrubs


These natives of lakesides andwoodland edges in Chile andArgentina have attractive evergreenfoliage and fluffy yellowflowers that smell like chocolateto some, vanilla to others.Blooms are followed by small,shiny berries. Need fast drainage,regular fertilizer, and protectionfrom hot afternoon sunand cold winds. Prune afterbloom to remove crowded orwayward branches.

Azara microphylla

Best-known species. Growsslowly in youth, faster onceestablished. Typically reaches12–18 ft. tall and 8–12 ft.wide, but may attain a treelike30 ft. tall in great old age.Shiny, roundish, dark greenleaves. Flat-branching habitand neatly arranged foliagemake it natural for an espalieror freestanding wall plant.Blooms in late winter. ‘Variegata’has leaves edged increamy white.

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