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Otataea acuminata aztecorum (photo courtesy of Doreen L. Wynja)
Otataea acuminata aztecorum (photo courtesy of Doreen L. Wynja)

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Zones vary by species.
Full SunPartial Sun
Full, Partial
Regular WaterMinimal Water
Moderate, Minimal

Otataea acuminata aztecorum

Mexican Weeping Bamboo


Long, narrow leaves give thees plants a lacy look. Foliage masses bend nearly to the ground. Controlled height is 8–10 ft. Uncontrolled height is 15–20 ft. Growth habit II. A loose clumper; give it room to spread. Stem diameter is 1 1/2 in. Fairly drought-resistant when established. Needs some shade in hottest climates. A dwarf form reaches just 4 ft. high. Hardy to 22°F (–6°C).

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