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Boltonia asteroides latisquama ‘Jim Crockett’ (photo courtesy of Rob Cardillo)
Boltonia asteroides latisquama ‘Jim Crockett’ (photo courtesy of Rob Cardillo)

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Zones 1-24
Full SunPartial Sun
Full, Partial
Regular Water

Boltonia asteroides

Asteraceae (Compositae)
Perennials, Flowers

These small daisies top tall plants that work well at the middle or back of a late-summer perennial border. Native to the eastern U.S., they bear yellow-centered white to blue flowers that resemble Michaelmas daisies (Aster novi-belgii). With regular moisture, they reach 6 ft. or taller, 3 ft. wide.

‘Pink Beauty’ has pink flowers. B. a. latisquama ‘Snowbank’ is more compact (to 5 ft. tall) and upright than the species, with larger, whiter flowers. ‘Jim Crockett’ grows to 21 in. tall, 15 in. wide, with blue flowers. ‘Nana’, with lavender-pink blooms, reaches 2 ft. high.

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