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Bulbinella floribunda, photo courtesy of Bob Wigand
Bulbinella floribunda, photo courtesy of Bob Wigand

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Zones 14-24
Partial SunNo Sun
Partial, Shade
Regular Water

Bulbinella floribunda

Perennials, Flowers

A large clump of narrow, 2-ft.-long floppy leaves emergesevery fall, just as other plantsare entering dormancy. Thenin winter, this South Africandevelops 4-in. spikes of yellowblooms that resemble red-hotpoker (Kniphofia), but flower spikes are shorter and less pointed, and blossoms are bell shaped, not tubular. Good cut flowers.

Easy to grow from seed sown in well-drained soil in spring. Foliage dies to the ground after bloom; pull off old, dry leaves. Keep soil on dry side during spring and summer dormancy. Colonizes low-maintenance bordersquickly. Divide crowdedclumps in fall.

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