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Citrus 'Trovita'

Sweet Orange
Evergreen, Edible fruit, Trees


As landscaping plants, citrus offer year-round attractive form and glossy deep green foliage; also bear fragrant flowers and decorative fruit in season. If you want quality fruit, your choice of varieties will depend on the total amount of heat available through the fruit-developing period (need varies according to type) and on the winter cold in your zone.

Citrus flowers attract bees.

For detailed information about citrus selection and growing, see How to choose and grow citrus.

Citrus 'Trovita'

Originated fromseedling of ‘Washington’ navel.Thin skinned and about navelsize, but without navel. Ripensin early spring. Apparentlyrequires less heat than othersweet oranges and developsgood-quality fruit near (thoughnot on) coast. Nevertheless, ittolerates heat well enough topass as one of the ArizonaSweets. Dwarf tree has ‘Washington’ navel look, with handsome dark green leaves.

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