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Zones 8, 9, 12-24, H1, H2
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Citrus, Tangor

Evergreen, Edible fruit, Trees

Hybrid between mandarin and sweet orange; often labeled as an orange—or, in the case of ‘Murcott’, as a tangerine—when sold in grocery stores. These three tangors are thought to be naturally occurring hybrids rather than breeder-developed varieties. ‘Temple’ is widely grown in the low desert; ‘Murcott’ and ‘Ortanique’ are sometimes grown in Hawaii.

‘Murcott’. Bears more heavily in alternate years. Vigorous, upright tree bears very sweet, seedy, yellowish orange fruit from late winter into spring. Marketed in stores as ‘Honey’ tangerine (no relation to ‘Honey’ mandarin).

‘Ortanique’. Sweet, juicy, variably seedy fruit ripening from spring to summer. Sometimes has a small navel. Large, spreading tree.

‘Temple’. Flattened, deep bright orange fruit is loose skinned and easy to peel. Tender-textured, juicy pulp is flavorful but not too sweet. Fruit has best quality in Zone 13; it is too acidic in more temperate climates. Ripens in early spring. Bushy, thorny tree grows to 12 ft. tall with a greater spread; 6–8 ft. wide on dwarf stock. More cold sensitive than other tangors.

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