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Daboecia cantabrica 'Cinderella', photo courtesy of Saxon Holt/PhotoBotanic
Daboecia cantabrica 'Cinderella', photo courtesy of Saxon Holt/PhotoBotanic

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Zones 3B, 4-9, 14-24
Full SunPartial Sun
Full, Partial
Regular Water

Daboecia cantabrica

Irish Heath
Evergreen, Shrubs, Flowers

This colorful shrub from western Europe forms a slightly spreading plant with erect stems to 1 1/2–2 ft. high. Its narrow, dark green leaves are closely set. The pinkish purple, egg-shaped, 1 1/2-in.-long flowers are produced in narrow clusters 3–5 in. long from late spring to early autumn. In warmer part of the range, bloom may begin in early spring. Varieties include white-flowered D. c. alba and magenta-blooming –Waley–s Red– and –Arielle–. –Cinderella– has bicolored white-and-pink flowers and gray-green leaves. D. c. scotica –William Buchanan– is a low grower (just 10 in. high) with reddish purple blossoms; –William Buchanan Gold– is similar but shows some yellow variegation in the foliage.

Needs fast-draining, acidic soil. Most useful on hillsides and in rock gardens or natural landscapes.

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