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Delphinium elatum
Delphinium elatum

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Zones 7, 14-23
Full Sun
Regular Water

Delphinium cardinale

Scarlet Larkspur
Perennials, Flowers


Most people associate delphiniums with blue flowers, but colors also include white and shades of red, pink, lavender, and purple. Leaves are lobed or fanlike, variously cut and divided. Taller hybrids offer rich colors in elegant spires. All kinds are effective in borders and make good cut flowers; lower-growing kinds serve well as container plants.

Blossoms attract birds.

Delphinium cardinale

Native to California coastalmountains. Grows to 3–6 ft. talland 2 ft. wide, with erect stemsgrowing from deep, thick, woodyroots. Leaves have deep, narrowlobes. Flowers are 1 in. across,with scarlet calyx and spur andscarlet-tipped yellow petals. Sow seeds early for first-yearbloom.

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