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Dianthus 'Telstar'
Dianthus 'Telstar'

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Zones A2, A3, 1-24
Full SunPartial Sun
Full, Partial
Regular Water

Dianthus barbatus

Sweet William
Annuals, Flowers


Over 300 species and extremely large number of hybrids. Most kinds form attractive evergreen mats or tufts of grasslike green, gray-green, blue-green, or grayblue leaves. Single, semidouble, or double flowers in white and shades of pink, rose, red, yellow, and orange; many have rich, spicy fragrance. Main bloom period for most is spring into early summer; some kinds rebloom later in season or keep going into fall if faded flowers are removed. All kinds of dianthus thrive in light, fast-draining soil.

Dianthus barbatus

Vigorous biennial oftengrown as annual. From southern Europe. To 20 in. high and 1 ft. wide, with sturdy stems. Leavesare flat, light to dark green.Dense clusters of white, pink, rose, red, purplish, or bicolored flowers, about 1/2 in. across, set among leafy bracts; not very fragrant.Sow seeds in late springfor bloom the following year. Double-flowered and dwarf strains are obtainable from seed. Indian Carpet is only 6 in. high. The Amazon series grows 18–36 in. high.

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