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Dicentra chrysantha

Golden Eardrops
Perennials, Flowers


Delicate looking plants. Graceful, divided, fernlike foliage. Dainty pendent flowers, usually heart shaped, in pink, rose, yellow, or white on leafless, horizontal to arching stems. In general, dicentras need rich, light, moist, porous soil. Never let water stand around roots. Foliage dies down even in mild-winter climates; mark clumps to avoid digging into roots in dormant season. Short lived in mild-winter areas.

Dicentra chrysantha

Native to inner coast ranges and Sierra Nevada foothills of California. Erect plant with sparse, blue-gray, divided leaves on stout,hollow, 4–5-ft. stems. Golden yellow, short-spurred flowers,held upright in large clusters.Grows to 1 1/2 ft. wide. Requireswarmth. Unlike many dicentras,this species needs soil that isnot too rich; make sure drainageis good. Plant has deep taproot and does not need irrigation during its flowering in spring and summer. Seed available from wildflower specialists.

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