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Eriogonum fasciculatum

California Buckwheat
Perennials, Shrubs


Individual blossoms are tiny but grow in long-stemmed or branched clusters—usually domed, flattish, or ball-like. Flowers age to an attractive tan or reddish brown and persist for a long time; good in dried arrangements. Flowers attract butterflies; birds enjoy the seeds. Grow best in well-drained, loose, gravelly soil. Useful for covering dry banks, massing among rocks; smaller forms make good specimens in rock gardens.

Eriogonum fasciculatum

Native to foothills ofCalifornia (from Santa Clara to San Diego) and to desert mountain slopes of Southern California. Forms a clump 1–3 ft. high, spreading to 4 ft. Leaves narrow, 1/2–3/4 in. long; may be dark green above, white and woollybeneath, or gray and hairy.White or pinkish flowers inheadlike clusters, late spring to early fall. Good for erosion control. ‘Theodore Payne’ is lower growing, makes an attractive green groundcover, as does ‘Warriner Lytle’.

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