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Erythronium californicum

Fawn Lily
Bulbs and bulblike plants, Perennials, Flowers


Spring-flowering plants with dainty, nodding, lily-shaped blooms 1–1 1/2 in. across, on stems usually 1 ft. high or less. All have two (rarely three) broad, tongue-shaped basal leaves; these are mottled in many species. Set out in groups under deciduous trees, in rock gardens, beside pools or streams; give rich, porous soil. Plant bulbs in fall, as soon as you receive them; don’t let them dry out. Set 2–3 in. deep, 4–5 in. apart. Western species need no water during dormancy. Divide clumps infrequently—only when vigor and bloom quality decline.

Erythronium californicum

Native to Northern California. Dark green leaves are mottled with brown. Creamy white flowers with a yellowish green central ring are held on 6–10-in. stems. ‘White Beauty’ is vigorous, spreading readily by offsets; its flowers are white, with rusty orange marks at the base of each petal.

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