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Etlingera elatior, photo courtesy of Jerry Pavia
Etlingera elatior, photo courtesy of Jerry Pavia

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Zones H2
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Etlingera elatior

Torch Ginger
Perennials, Flowers

From the jungles of Malaysia and Indonesia. An impressive, clump-forming plant to 20 ft. high and wide (spreading wider over time). Canelike stems are clothed with dark green, pointed leaves, each 12–28 in. long and 4–6 in. wide. The plant blooms most of the year, producing striking foot-long, bright red or pink, conelike inflorescences on 2–5-ft.-tall stalks that rise directly from the ground. Good candidate for tropical bouquets. Best in rich, organic soil with protection from wind. Sometimes sold as Phaeomeria magnifica or Nicolaia elatior.

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