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Baccharis pilularis
Baccharis pilularis

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Zones 5-11, 14-24
Full Sun
Regular WaterMinimal Water
Moderate, Minimal

Baccharis pilularis

Dwarf Coyote Brush
Asteraceae (Compositae)
Evergreen, Ground covers, Shrubs


Main value of these evergreen shrubs is their toughness and ability to grow in difficult conditions. They withstand heat, wind, and poor soil. Most are densely foliaged. Male and female flowers, borne on separate plants, are inconspicuous. Female plants produce cottony seed clusters that can make a mess when blown about by wind. It is advised to grow male varieties if they’re available (or hoe out seedlings if they appear where you don’t want them).

Baccharis pilularis


Remarkable climate and soil adaptation. Near the coast it thrives with no water at all; inland it looks better with monthly watering. In California’s high desert, the most common form of it is the most dependable of all ground covers. Everywhere, it’s a very valuable, reliable bank and flatland cover for low-maintenance areas in sun.

Makes dense, rather billowy, bright evergreen mat; shrub forms are also available. Small (1/2-in.), toothed leaves are closely set on branches. Needs shearing once a year in early spring before new growth starts. Need to cut out old arching branches and thin to rejuvenate. Feed with a nitrogen fertilizer immediately after cutting back. The plants available in most nurseries are produced by cuttings from male plants. Females produce undesirable white cotton.


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