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Baccharis sarothroides

Desert Broom
Asteraceae (Compositae)
Evergreen, Shrubs


These plants are tough and able to grow in difficult conditions: they withstand heat, wind, and poor soil. Most are densely foliaged. Male and female flowers, borne on separate plants, are inconspicuous. Female plants produce cottony seed clusters that can make a mess when blown about by wind; grow male varieties if they’re available (or hoe out unwanted seedlings if they appear).

Baccharis sarothroides

Most useful in desert zones 10–13. Native to the Southwest.Nearly leafless, but the branches are bright green throughout the year. Grows to 5 ft. tall and wide; can be clipped to 2–3 ft. Extremely drought-tolerant. Can take good or poor drainage. Useful for erosion control, replanting disturbed land, or natural landscape in desert regions.

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