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x Halimiocistus wintonensis ‘Merrist Wood Cream’ (photo courtesy of Plantography/Alamy)
x Halimiocistus wintonensis ‘Merrist Wood Cream’ (photo courtesy of Plantography/Alamy)

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Zones 4-24
Full Sun
Regular WaterMinimal Water
Moderate, Minimal

x Halimiocistus wintonensis

Evergreen, Shrubs, Flowers


These mound-forming hybrids between Halimium and Cistus salviifolius combine the good qualities of both parents, offering dense foliage, abundant bloom, and high tolerance for sun and heat. They need excellent drainage and cannot live in wet soil; water from lawn sprinklers can kill them. Use in rock gardens, on dry banks, or spilling over a wall. Or plant on the sunny side of the house under the eaves where rains seldom reach.

x Halimiocistus wintonensis

Grows to 2 ft. high and 4–5 ft. wide, with furry gray-green leaves. Sheets of 2-in. white flowers with pronounced a dark reddish purple central band appear in spring and early summer. Flowers of ‘Merrist Wood Cream’ have a red central band on creamy yellow petals.

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