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Small, rosette-forming succulents from South Africa. Many types produce offsets to form dense, spreading colonies. Fleshy leaves may be slender and rough textured or pillowlike and smooth; some have small white bumps or ridges. Tiny flowers are held on long, whip-like stems from spring to fall; these may be clipped off as they fade to keep plants tidy.

Haworthias are well suited to containers, and their small size and tolerance of low humidity make them good houseplants. In pots or in the ground, provide sandy, fast-draining soil that is allowed to dry between waterings. Protect from frost and hot sun. Acclimate nursery plants to the garden gradually or leaves may sunburn. Numerous species and hybrids make these variable plants popular with collectors.

Haworthia fasciata (photo courtesy of Proven Winners)
Haworthia fasciata (photo courtesy of Proven Winners)

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Haworthia fasciata

Grows to 6 in. high. Rigid, dark green leaves up to 3 in. long are slender and triangular; each leaf is smooth on the inner surface and banded with raised white horizontal ridges on the outside. Give just enough sun to make the outer leaves blush red-orange.

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