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Hosta hybrids

Plantain Lily



Large clumps of big, fresh-looking spring leaves makethese perfect understory plants; spikes of blue, lavender, or white trumpet-shaped flowers are a summer bonus. Leaves may be heart-shaped, lance-shaped, oval, or nearly round; they can be glossy or dull, smooth or textured, straight or wavy edged. Mounds range from3–4 in. across to 5 ft. in diameter. Foliage runs from lime to dark green, greenish gold, gray, and blue, with many variegated forms whose colors vary with climate and soil type.

New varieties are legion. To get what you want, buy the plant in full leaf or from a reputablemail-order specialist. All are native to eastern Asia.

Though hostas are shade lovers, some tolerate sun, especially in cool-summer zones (those with white or yellow in leaves are least sun-tolerant). Plants grown in sun will be more compact and will producemore flowers. All go dormant in winter (even in mild climates), collapsing to almost nothing.

Hosta hybrids

There are many hundreds of possibilities. Size given at the start of each listing is for foliage clump. Performancein Zones 22–24 will vary, but all are worth a try in these areas.

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