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Juglans nigra (photo courtesy of Mark Turner)
Juglans nigra (photo courtesy of Mark Turner)

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Zones 1-9, 14-21
Full Sun
Regular Water

Juglans nigra

Black Walnut
Deciduous, Edible fruit, Trees

Native to eastern North America. High-branched tree to about 100 ft. tall and 70 ft. wide, with a round crown and furrowed blackish brown bark. Leaves have 11 to 23 leaflets, each 2 1/2–5 in. long. Round, 1 1/2-in.-diameter nuts have rich flavor. Big, hardy shade tree for large sites. Don’t plant near flower or vegetable gardens, rhododendrons, or azaleas; black walnut curbs these plants either by secreting a growth-inhibiting substance or by root competition. Has a long dormant season. Moderate water.

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