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Justicia californica

Chuparosa, California Beloperone
Deciduous, Shrubs, Semi-evergreen, Flowers


This group of plants is grown chiefly for tubular, tightly clustered flowers or, in the case of Justicia brandegeeana, for showy spikes of bracts. Blossoms of all species attract hummingbirds. Leaves are paired, opposite each other on the stems.

Justicia californica

Semievergreen or deciduous. Native from the edges of southeastern California’s Colorado Desert to Arizona and northern Mexico. Grows to 6 ft. tall and wide, with arching, grayish branches and sparse, 1/4-in., roundish light green leaves. Clusters of tubular, bright red, 1 1/2-in.-long flowers give a good show from fall through spring. (‘Yellow’ has yellow blossoms.) Can freeze to the ground in winter but comes back in spring. Full sun or light shade. Little to moderate water. Summer-deciduous but will hold much of its foliage if irrigated.

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