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Kirengeshoma palmata (photo courtesy of Mark Turner)
Kirengeshoma palmata (photo courtesy of Mark Turner)

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Zones 2-9, 14-24
Partial Sun
Regular Water

Kirengeshoma palmata

Yellow Waxbells
Perennials, Flowers

A perennial of great elegance, yellow waxbells grows to 2–4 ft. tall and 2–2 1/2 ft. wide, with dark purplish stems carrying deeply lobed and toothed leaves. Pale yellow flower clusters appear in joints of upper leaves and at tops of stalks in late summer and early autumn. Blossoms are drooping and narrowly bell-shaped, 1 1/2 in. long. Lovely in a partially shaded border or woodland garden. Needs ample organic matter in soil. Native to Japan and Korea.

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