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Laelia anceps (photo courtesy of Peter Chadwick/Alamy)
Laelia anceps (photo courtesy of Peter Chadwick/Alamy)

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Zones 16, 17, 21-24, H1, H2
Partial Sun
Regular Water

Laelia anceps

Orchids and bromeliads, Flowers


Closely related to (and resembling) Cattleya, these orchids are easy to grow but are variable in appearance. Pseudobulbs can be plump and large flowered, like cattleya, or slender and canelike, with plants bearing clusters of smaller flowers. All have fleshy leaves. Laelia scross freely with cattleyas. A few are hardy enough to grow outdoors along the California coast as far north as San Francisco. Outdoor plants are usually grown on tree trunks or in pots on the patio; indoor plants can be brought outdoors at warm times of year. For cultural needs, see Cattleya.

Laelia anceps

From Mexico. Plump pseudobulbs carry thick 6-in. leaves. Flower spikes range from 6 in. to 3 ft. long and carry three to six fragrant, 4-in. pinkish lilac flowers in winter. Some varieties have pink, white, purple, or lavender-blue blossoms.

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