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Sweet pea bouquet
Sweet pea bouquet

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Zones 14-24
Full Sun
Minimal Water
Seeds contain toxic amino acids

Lathyrus splendens

Pride of California

Perennials, Flowers


In this group is one of the best-known garden flowers, the delightfully fragrant and colorful sweet pea.

The flower of the sweet pea is typical of the many members of the pea family (Fabaceae). Each flower has one large, upright, roundish petal (banner or standard), two narrow side petals (wings), and two lower petals that are somewhat united, forming a boat-shaped structure (keel).

Lathyrus splendens

Native to chaparral in San Diego County and adjacentBaja California. Grows to 8–10 ft. Each stem bears clustersof 3 to 10 deep red blooms inearly spring. Start from seedin pots in autumn or spring;plant out in fall or winter. Long-lived in dry, well-drained soil.

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