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Lindera obtusiloba (photo courtesy of Rob Cardillo)
Lindera obtusiloba (photo courtesy of Rob Cardillo)

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Zones 3B, 4-6, 14-17
Full SunPartial Sun
Full, Partial
Regular Water

Lindera obtusiloba

Japanese Spicebush
Deciduous, Shrubs, Trees, Decorative fruit or berries


Spicebushes are grown for the beauty of their yellow fall foliage and are named for the spicy scent of their crushed leaves. On female plants, fruits will follow the blossoms if a male plant is nearby. Best used at a woodland edge or for filling in a shrub border. Good drainage is essential; some drought-tolerance.

Lindera obtusiloba

Native to Japan, China, and Korea. Grows to 10–20 ft. tall and a little narrower. Leaves are occasionally mitten-shaped. Fall color is an exceptionally brilliant yellow that develops even in shade and holds for 2 weeks or more. Fruits are 1/4 in. wide and mature from red to black.

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