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Lotus maculatus

Ground covers, Perennials, Flowers


Produces trailing stems that are often completely prostrate. Leaves are divided into leaflets. Flowers are sweet pea shaped, in shades of red to yellow. For plants with the common name "Lotus," see Nelumbo.

Lotus maculatus

Canary Island native resembling L. berthelotii. To 8–12 in.high, 2–3 ft. wide. Knownmainly through its selections.‘Gold Flash’ has bright yellowflowers with striking orange-redmarkings; needs cool nightsto set flower buds. ‘New GoldFlash’ (blossom color similarto that of ‘Gold Flash’) and‘Amazon Sunset’ (bright orange-red) are similar in plant and flower form to ‘Gold Flash’, but they bloom better where nights remain warm.

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