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Mâche (photo courtesy of Andrea Jones/Garden Exposures Photo Library)
Mâche (photo courtesy of Andrea Jones/Garden Exposures Photo Library)

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Zones A1-A3, 1-24, H1
Full Sun
Regular Water


Annuals, Vegetables

This cool-season crop, sometimes called corn salad or lamb’s lettuce, is among the most cold-hardy of traditional salad and cooking greens. Plants form rather loose rosettes of spoon-shaped leaves to 6 in. long with a mild, nutty flavor.

Grow in well-drained soil. In warmer climates, sow seeds from fall through early spring for harvest in about 90 days. In cooler climates, sow seeds directly in the ground in summer, or in late winter as soon as the soil is workable. Space rows 8 in. apart; sow seeds 1/2 in. deep and 1 in. apart. Thin to 6 in. apart. Start extra plants so a few can reseed. Plants overwinter in areas where the ground does not freeze. Harvest the entire rosette at once. Mâche quickly bolts in warm weather, so be sure to harvest while temperatures are still cool.

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