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Bellis perennis
Bellis perennis

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Zones 1-9, 14-24, 34-43
Full Sun
Regular Water
Bellis perennis
Bellis perennis

Bellis perennis

English Daisy
Asteraceae (Compositae)
Annuals, Perennials

Native to Europe and western Asia. Grow in listed zones as perennial, anywhere except Hawaii as annual. The original English daisies are the kind sometimes seen growing in lawns. Plump, fully double ones sold in nurseries are horticultural varieties that make good edging or bedding plants; they are also effective with bulbs. Dark green, 1–2-in.-long leaves form rosettes to 8 in. wide. Pink, rose, red, or white flowers are borne on 3–6-in. stems in spring and early summer; deadhead to prolong bloom. Longer lived where summers are cool. Best with light shade in hottest climates. Propagate by division.

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