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Botanists have brought twoWestern natives together underthis single genus name. Bothare woodland plants that needloose, rich, slightly acidic soilto look their best.

Maianthemum bifolium kamtschaticum, photo courtesy of Mark Turner
Maianthemum bifolium kamtschaticum, photo courtesy of Mark Turner

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Maianthemum bifolium kamtschaticum

Native from Northern California to Alaska and Idaho. To 6–8 in. high; in good growing conditions, spreads rapidly by creeping rootstocks to form broad mats. Stems 2–6 in. high bear neat, roundish to heart-shaped, heavily veined leaves to 8 in. long and half as wide. Bears foamy clusters of white flowers in spring, followed by red berries in summer. Makes an attractive woodland groundcover but is capable of overwhelming more delicate plants growing nearby.Disappears in winter.

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