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Ochna serrulata (photo courtesy of Saxon Holt/PhotoBotanic)
Ochna serrulata (photo courtesy of Saxon Holt/PhotoBotanic)

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Zones 14-24, H1, H2
Partial Sun
Regular Water

Ochna serrulata

Bird’s-eye Bush, Mickey Mouse Plant

Evergreen, Shrubs, Decorative fruit or berries, Flowers

This South African shrub grows slowly to 4–8 ft. tall and wide. Oblong leaves are leathery, fine toothed, bronzy in spring, deep green later. Early summer flowers are the size of buttercups (Ranunculus). After the yellow petals fall, sepals turn vivid red; then five or more green, seed-like fruits protrude from the red center. Fruits later turn glossy jet black, in strong contrast to the red sepals; at this stage, the configuration can be said to resemble the eyes, ears, and nose of a mouse. Prefers slightly acid soil. Good in a tub or box or as a small espalier. Makes an interesting accent in a shrub border.

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