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Omphalodes verna (photo courtesy of Linda Lamb Peters)
Omphalodes verna (photo courtesy of Linda Lamb Peters)

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Zones 2-9, 14-21
Partial Sun
Regular Water

Omphalodes verna

Blue-Eyed Mary
Perennials, Flowers


These resemble forget-me-nots (Myosotis) but typically have deeper blue, somewhat larger (1/2-in.) flowers and more restrained behavior—they don’t have the irritating habit of reseeding themselves all over the place. Omphalodes thrive in woodland gardens or shaded rock gardens and look especially attractive on a wall or bank, where their flowers may be viewed at eye level.

Omphalodes verna

Native to mountains of Europe. Forms a foliage mat to 3 in. high and 3 ft. or more wide, with dark green leaves. In spring, leafy stalks to 8 in. high bear clustered deep blue flowers with a white eye.

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